When Asean (a.k.a. Stalkmarket) was born in 1989, the founders envisioned that as the company grew, matured, and flourished, it would be a citizen, not only in terms of product value and quality, but in its daily interactions with staff and the community at large.

As a minority-women-owned company, we have always felt that community sharing is best done locally, as opposed to helping with far away or overseas endeavors. While we believe in the importance of efforts to improve the environment and people's lives in other regions of the world, we feel there is so much to do locally to help our neighbors and fellow citizens, where we live, that we focus on helping our community first. To accomplish this, we developed some key standards for our giving and donations:

  • We choose organizations that we think will have the biggest impact. There are thousands of great causes out there, but we seek the ones that will make the most of donations in the long run, to provide the much-needed help in the fastest and most effective ways.
  • In-Kind donations of our products are just that: donations. There are no sales transactions involved and no cost to the non-profit. We feel it would be misleading to sell a product at a discount, then claim as "charitable" the difference between the sale price and the product's list price, so we donate outright.
  • When we commit financial resources to a non-profit, it is for the long term. We provide support through thick and thin, not as a one-time, feel-good effort, but an ongoing roll-up-your-sleeves commitment to help those organizations who show they are just as dedicated to the cause as we are.

The following values represent the four points of our moral compass. They are how we endeavor to operate as a company, and how we aim to help our community at large. They are also what we look for in those organizations that we find deserving of support to help make our planet a better place.

Our Values

  1. Collaborative Action
    We believe in collaborative action based on learning, innovation, integrity, and respect. All of our favorite non-profits exemplify this.
  2. Wise Stewardship
    We believe in wise stewardship of Stalkmarket-donated assets, faithful adherence to our company’s intentions, and effective investment in our local community.
  3. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
    We believe in the advancement of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our work to fulfill our own mission and those of the non-profits we support, in an effort to achieve our shared visions.
  4. Spirit of Community
    Most importantly, we believe in promoting a culture of service and leadership, individual potential, a spirit of community, and a better future for all, not only for our management and staff, but for our neighbors, local community, and the world at large.

The following are some of our favorite organizations that are helping to improve our community better, and we encourage you to visit them and lend your support!

  • Community Cycling Center
  • FreeGeek
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Oregon Humane Society

Stalkmarket supports these and other organizations with both in-kind donations and financial grants as part of our corporate community assistance program.

Is your organization a good fit for our assistance program?

If your organization would like to apply for an in-kind product donation or cash grant, you are welcome to mail your request along with the following documents:

  • Letter from the IRS stating confirmation of your 501(c)(3) non-profit status
  • Outline of the organization's reason for being. What do you do? Who do you assist?
  • General breakdown, by percentage, of revenues used for operational overhead in relation to actual work done. That is, for every dollar received, how much is overhead and how much is used for the stated purpose?
  • Details of the desired purpose and use for the request. Please be specific.

Mail to:

Asean Corporation (Stalkmarket Brands)
Donations Committee
16540 SW 72nd Avenue, Building 7
Portland, Oregon, 97224

Please note that phone, email, or fax requests will not be accepted and you will not be considered for any donations. We accept only requests delivered by US Mail. We do not guarantee we will be able to lend any support to anyone, at any time, and the decisions of our Donations Committee are final.

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