At StalkMarket, we use only compostable, all-natural and sustainable resources.

We manufacture our products using all-natural plant fibers.

Sugar cane

Sugarcane (Bagasse)

Our tableware is made from sugarcane stalks that are discarded when the cane is harvested and milled by sugar refineries. The stalks form a dry, pulpy residue called bagasse. We convert it into paperboard in much the same way that wood pulp is converted into cardboard. We use heat and steam to shape and mold the products. The result is strong, attractive tableware that you can use once and then dispose of with your compostables, guilt free.



Our cutlery and cold beverage cups, lids and straws are made from CPLA (crystalized polylactic acid), a plant-based biopolymer. CPLA functions much like traditional plastics, but being plant-based it is, of course, fully compostable in commercial compost facilities.

Better insulation through our double-wall Planet+ cup construction

Beverages stay hot longer, ensuring your products flavor stays at its peak of enjoyment.
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The chart below shows cup surface temperatures of a 200°F beverage within first 5 minutes of being poured. Higher cup temperature means more heat is escaping and less insulation is occuring.

Cup surface temperatures

In a nutshell:

  • Beverages stay hot longer, ensuring your product’s flavor stays at its peak
  • Wide range of Printing options to make the cups, “yours”
  • The smart money choice when comparing total cup costs with options like Jackets, double cupping, carrying trays or similar
  • Customers are greeted with a soft warmth when holding the cup. Perfect for those cool and cold days, but never to hot to handle at anytime of the year
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