Sustainable Transportation Practices

StalkMarket’s desire is to work only with logistics partners who are committed to sustainable transportation practices.

A critical area of our ongoing daily operations is our supply chain logistics management. Our logistic and transportation providers share our vision of always striving for better, environmentally beneficial and pragmatic options. The photo shows how one of our prime logistical partners, Bridgeport Distribution, exemplifies this commitment to cutting edge environmental technology and operations.

ULSD-fueled truck with clean idle certified power train. low air resistance cap design, and aerodynamic trailer skid skirts

Carbon Footprint

At StalkMarket, we believe in transparency regarding our carbon footprint.

Download our full carbon footprint analysis.

A carbon footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released into the atmosphere when making and shipping a product or providing a service. In the case of plant-based products, the calculation also factors in the amount of CO2 absorbed.

Only when companies quantify their “earth-friendly” claims can customers make truly informed decisions about the goods or services they are buying. That’s why we commissioned Blue Tree Strategies to calculate a carbon footprint for our products, starting with our flagship line of sugarcane-based ware.

Because it grows rapidly, sugarcane absorbs large amounts of CO2. The harvested sugarcane is milled by sugar refineries and the discarded stalks go to nearby factories, where they are converted into paperboard. The products are shaped and molded using heat and steam and then transported via container ships to their final destination. Every step in this process creates carbon emissions.

Our most popular product, a 10-inch dinner plate, has a carbon footprint of approximately 164 grams. To put that in perspective, here’s a comparison chart.

Carbon footprint comparison

1. Two WD V6 Ford Explorer averages 14 mpg city; USEIA emissions factor of 8.87 kgCO2 /gallon
2. Ford Focus averages 24 mpg city; USEIA emissions faxtor of 8.87 kgCO2 /gallon
3. Shower data:
4. StalkMarket data found in this formal analysis

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